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The STI Audio Tubes® loudspeaker series presents a range of High-End & Design speakers, in plastic tubes housing. Because broadband speakers are used, the sound is not affected by any electronic filter.

The idea of using tubes goes back to a wonderful sound experience I had in the sixties and seventies. 
In this case, a Craft broadband spea­ker was built into an empty 'Dash' soap powder barrel with thick card­board walls. Craft speakers in those days, were cheap and fa­mous about their high efficiency also. But in fact, it was the only speaker we could affort as a teenager. Normally the Craft speakers pro­du­ced poor Bass sound. But in this case, it was well com­pensated by the tube shape of the resonance chambre (Wave Pipe). Later on the ex­periment was repeated with the residual part of a big Yellow thick-walled plastic gas-pipe. Even better results were made, thanks to the lack of unwanted resonances.

STI now has continued the early experiments and we had a Lucky Shot right from the start. The first result is shown on the picture. It is un­be­lievable that the clear sound of a rasping trumpet and a taut sounding double bass on Rik van den Bergh's, 'Swingmatism'  Jazz CD, is repro­duced by such a small wide band speaker only. A lucky shot so far, be­cause we found out that the concept was not easy applicable with other, even far more expensive, speakers or wider tubes. But the enthousiasm is untamable, since we heard that incredible sound.

With the Audio Tubes® concept we can create more good sounding and looking DESIGN loudspeakers, painted in the primary colours or with customised printing.

You can Download the Draft folder now.

-- to be continued --